k51r58qjqbHow to Give a Reason For Why You’re Quitting

Deciding to leave a job is never easy. But when you’re unsure about how to explain why you’re resigning to your boss, it can be grueling.

Maybe the real reason is embarrassing, or would burn bridges moving forward. Perhaps you’ve been mistreated or ignored by management. Sometimes it’s because of an overbearing boss, a frustrating co-worker, or a crushing workload. Often, these reasons are legitimate. Sometimes it’s best for an employee to downplay the reason their quitting.

Here’s why.

While you don’t have to mention the specifics of your new job or pursuit, your boss and colleagues are going to wonder why you’re leaving, and future employers will ask why you left the company.

Be Positive

Regardless of your reasons for quitting a job, it’s best to keep your them positive. Try to be gracious because you’ll need to use your employer as a reference.

Try to phrase your reasons for leaving in a manner that stresses how positive your time at the company has been. Explain that you want to move on because you’ve done all you can at that company.

Don’t Get into Details About Personal Problems

In most industries, everyone knows everyone else. That’s why you shouldn’t go into details about any personal problems that might be forcing you to leave. They could be passed along to your next employer and hurt you.

Stick to General Reasons for Leaving

Your best bet is to stick to general reasons for leaving, such as “I’m seeking a better work-life balance.” Or, “I want to change my career path.” Or, “I’m looking for a new challenge.” Ultimately, these reasons will offend no one and will preserve your professional relationship with your boss and colleagues.

Thank Your Boss for the Opportunity

Before walking away from the job, make sure to express gratitude to your boss for the opportunity of working at the company. Make sure to include any skills or experience that you receive on the job.

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