Safety News

Bulletins, news, and strategies for safer work environments

Nesco Resource Inc. is fully committed to the Safety of every employee. We believe our employees are our greatest asset and we strive to provide the highest level of protection for them every day.

Our goal is to find business partners who share in our passion for safety and accident prevention.

We seek out partners who will provide safe working conditions, the safest equipment available and quality training for our employees

“Every Nesco Resource employee has a responsibility to help carry out our safety vision. Our commitment to safety is unending and we will never waiver from our desire to protect the health and well-being of every Nesco Resource employee.”

– John Tomsich, CEO, Nesco Resource

Heat Safety

Beat the Heat!  Stay Cool and Healthy No matter if you're working in an office setting, outdoors or in an industrial environment, staying safe in the heat is important. Protect yourself from the heat this summer! Use the following tips to prevent serious issues caused...

5 Things Every Temp Should Look For

When it comes to contract or temporary employment, most workers tend to look only at pay. It's not a bad place to start, but there are other factors you should look at before accepting an assignment: 1.)  Safety This is probably the single most important item to look...

Distracted Driving: A Workplace Issue

We mostly think about distracted driving as an issue for teenagers who recklessly text and check emails while barreling down the road.  However, distracted driving can be a serious workplace issue for workers of all ages.  And it's an issue with a heavy cost in both...

Forklift Safety Is Everyone’s Job

Nearly half of forklift injuries are suffered by pedestrians.  Most of these injuries are bruises from moving forklifts, but workers also trip over the forks of parked forklifts.  Sometimes workers stand on the elevated forks and fall off or stand too close to a...