84GOP2OAKRTeamwork is a highly valued asset in an organization.  Even if workers don’t necessarily work in a literal team (some tasks are inherently isolated), successful companies usually encourage employees to share in a greater vision for the company.

Many team building activities, like birthday parties, regular staffing meetings, and after work gatherings, tend to leave temp workers out.  Although the intention was not necessarily to forget about them, temps often feel excluded, ultimately resulting in turnover for companies.  Inclusion at a very basic level can help temporary workers feel more comfortable in the working environment.  If temps feel like they are valued in an organization, it’s a win-win for both the contingent worker and the company.

In addition, items like uniforms, t-shirts, hats, and bags, can help a temporary worker feel part of the company. For a small cost, you can make a temp truly feel appreciated and they will likely appreciate the business in return by showing up each day and working harder.

Since inclusion can’t be micro-managed, it’s important to prep other workers on temporary employees.  Explaining that they are part of the team and part of an overall growth strategy for the company can help set the tone for how temporary employees are treated by the rest of the workforce.  Often, a group of friendly faces is important to a successful working environment. Encourage your staff to invite temporary employees to gatherings and offer to assist with any questions they may have during their first few weeks. Building a buddy system can help facilitate this and allow your staff to grow in their leadership skills too.


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