CDC8HFPYWRThere is no cookie-cutter matrix for the real cost of hiring because every business is different.  However, mapping out the process for hiring and affixing costs to each area is an important step in determining what direction is best for the bottom line of your company.  If you have the time to do so, drawing out a detailed version of the process can help break down a complex idea into a simpler one.  Systematic processes are made up of a series of links and nodes. By drawing these nodes out, you’ll create a clear, engaged, and aligned direction to steer your hiring process in and the goals of the process will become visible and tangible.

Cost calculators can be helpful as guides, but they often don’t capture every aspect of the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process.  Also, they don’t identify important elements such as reducing turnover rates.

With this process map, you can choose which areas to improve, and areas where a staffing agency may be able to help.  Finding the right employees is really only one step in a process that could help reduce your TCOW. Mapping out your hiring process will not only allow you to affix costs to each step, but will also let you better understand how your process really works, ensuring better, and more cost effective, hires for your company.

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