Do You Need a Resume for a Warehouse Position?SplitShire-1687-1800x1200

It’s tempting to think of a resume as something that’s only necessary for administrative or professional positions. That’s not true anymore. Everyone needs a resume when job hunting. From CEOs, to warehouse workers, to teenagers looking for summer work. If you want to get noticed in today’s job market, you’ll need to have a resume.

Resumes Give You an Advantage Over Others

So you want to find a warehouse position? Too often, candidates think that resumes aren’t valuable when applying to light industrial jobs, like in a warehouse. While most warehouse openings don’t require a resume – and most candidates won’t have one – if you do have a resume, it’ll give you a big advantage. Job hunting is all about standing out from the crowd. Presenting a well-formatted resume can give your application the edge it needs to get the job.

The Value of Well-Crafted Resume

Think of your resume as your first introduction to an employer. It’s an opportunity to put your best foot forward and show your experience, dependability, initiative and ability to hold a job. It’s also an invaluable opportunity to outline experiences that are relevant to the job you want. Your resume should answer other questions too, including what you can offer to an employer.

You’ll need to tailor your resume for each position. Make sure some of the language in the job posting also appears in your resume in a meaningful way. That will help your resume get selected if a human resources office is using scanning software to find keywords.

How to Create Your First Resume

Most resumes follow a standard format: name and contact information, a summary of the position you hope to find, then details on your job and volunteer experience. List your education and any other computer or equipment skills last.

Search for resume examples online to see a variety of styles. Make sure your resume is easy to read and looks like you put effort and energy into it. Have someone review your work. Ask a friend or family member to help you proofread your resume and offer suggestions.

As these tips demonstrate, having a resume can make the difference in getting the warehouse job you really want. For more information about finding warehouse employment, including light industrial positions, visit the Nesco Resource website.