How to Turn a Temp Job Into a Permanent OneC8063AC75F

Temporary workers, or “temps,” are hired by companies to fill immediate needs. For job seekers, being a temp can be the perfect opportunity to explore career options and size up the culture of a company before making a commitment. It’s also an excellent way to get hired for a permanent job — if you meet the company’s expectations.

Given the costs associated with hiring permanent employees, companies are hiring in a more strategic way than ever. They’re seeking candidates who are a perfect match in both skills and cultural fit. Hiring temp workers is an excellent way to evaluate an individual on the job without the commitment of hiring them permanently. Think of it as an extended job interview.

If you’re a temp hoping to make your position permanent, you’ll need to show your employer why you’re an excellent worker and the first person they should think of hiring. Here’s some advice on how to make that happen.

  1. Arrive early and ready to work; do this consistently. It shows you are dependable, reveals your level of discipline and shows your respect for others. Trust us; your boss will notice and so will your co-workers.
  1. Don’t take any time off. At least not at first. We all need a break sometimes, and it is important to take time off, but now is not the time to do that. You need to show you are a stellar employee and taking off work at the wrong time could potentially harm your job. However, emergencies and family matters happen, so if you have to take some time off, make sure it’s not the busy time of year and make sure your boss understands.
  1. Offer to cover your co-workers’ shifts. Not only will you build rapport and goodwill by covering shifts, you’ll also demonstrate why you’re an excellent employee. You are committed to the job and eager to work. Your boss and co-workers will remember this, and you’ll make a favorable impression. Plus, the extra pay won’t hurt.
  1. Stay late. Don’t be the person who runs for the door as soon as your shift is over. Remember you’re trying to show you’re an excellent employee. That means you should stay a little beyond your designated hours. And before you leave for the day, ask your boss or team members if they need you to stay late. You’ll impress your teammates with your dedication and commitment to the job.
  1. Show interest in staying long term. Working as a temp is an excellent way to find a job you like. Make sure your boss and co-workers know you like your job and want to stay there permanently.

As a temp worker, you are gaining experience, and ultimately, you have a leg up on other job seekers. Use it to your advantage. And if you’re looking for a temp job, remember our hiring experts are available for advice. Learn more by visiting the Nesco Resource website.