Did an Employee Walk Out? Handle It the Right Way.9nxwg2v0f6

We’ve all been tempted to do it: You’re fed up and frustrated with your job., and in the heat of the moment, you decide to quit by walking out – with no notice – never to return or communicate with your employer.

While it’s unusual to resign from a job this way, it happens. Even though impulsive quitting can leave a business short-staffed and scrambling at a busy time, there are ways that HR workers can manage the situation with grace and professionalism.

Here are some starting points.

Remain calm.

Employees who walk out without any notice are often reacting in the heat of emotion – they are angry, offended and upset about some aspect of their job. Don’t make the situation worse by reacting with emotion: There’s no place for that in the workplace. While a hasty exit by an employee is a big challenge, especially for HR professionals who are unaccustomed to dealing with them, it’s up to you to take the high road and react with a calm, professional attitude. Take a deep breath!

Discuss the resignation with staff.

At this point, most employees will know that their co-worker hastily exited the building in a rage. You’ll need to officially inform the team members that the employee has quit and staffing issues will need to be addressed. Now is the time to ask employees if they’d be willing to pick up any extra shifts or take on additional projects while you look for a replacement. Even if you’re upset that the employee quit without notice, blindsiding your company, do your best to display a warm and friendly attitude toward the team. Of course, now may also be a good opportunity to explain your company’s expected resignation process to team members. Because the reason behind an ugly resignation is most often an employee feeling mistreated, now is a good time to explore whether the manager involved needs to learn how to supervise employees more effectively.

Use a staffing partner to find temporary help.

While you’re short staffed, employee morale can dip. Don’t let this happen! Team up with a staffing partner like Nesco Resource to quickly hire and onboard qualified temporary workers. During a time of staffing upheaval, you’ll need to make sure your current team members aren’t feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by a growing workload. A staffing agency can help find and screen temporary workers. Temps are a great resource for businesses and often work with companies for extended periods of time. They add value to a company at a reasonable cost and can serve as potential permanent hires.

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