Finding Employees Is Difficult. Don’t Settle.p0dpdzauei

With a rising economy, it can be difficult to find quality talent. Too often, employers tend to settle for mediocre workers, which can prove to be a terrible mistake to your company’s bottom line. Failing to find the best talent for your business can often be a recipe for extinction.

A recent Labor Department jobs report shows that more Americans are employed and they’re getting paid higher wages for their efforts. It’s now a buyer’s market for jobs: Top candidates have more options to choose from, and they can afford to be picky about the positions they apply to and the offers they accept. Not surprisingly, employers who want to attract top talent will need to put extra thought and effort into how they recruit candidates.

That said, what can you do to recruit the best employees? Here are some ideas.

Determine if your job posting accurately reflects the scope of responsibilities for a position.

In other words, how can you tailor the job description to entice the best talent to apply? Now’s the time to carefully examine your advertisements. Are they filled with incomprehensible jargon? Do they explain what the position actually does? In a buyer’s market, if a job seeker has to struggle to understand a role, they are less likely to apply.

Widen your job advertising channels.

It’s wise to cast a very wide net to attract the very best candidates. That means looking beyond the usual channels and examining new ones, like industry publications.This approach can bring in passive applicants who may be ready to make the leap into a new exciting opportunity. Today’s workers are becoming increasingly accustomed to using free job-hunting tools that are simple to use. Can your job postings be found on the most popular apps: Indeed, Switch, Monster or Jobr?

Make sure your application tracking system is user-friendly.

Too often, employers rely on applicant tracking systems that are convenient for the human resources department, but a nightmare for job seekers. Especially in a buyer’s market, if your company is forcing applicants to use a time-consuming and confusing system, your top candidates may look elsewhere or just not apply. To evaluate your system, try applying for a job through your company’s ATS. Is it confusing? Does it take more time than it should? Chances are if you struggle to complete an application, your job applicants will probably look elsewhere.

Showcase the benefits to working at your company. Does your workplace offer a great 401K match? Do you offer flexible hours or tuition benefits? Have a casual dress code? How comprehensive are your dental benefits and stock options? Candidates are seeking better work-life benefits like telecommuting, flexible hours and job-sharing arrangements. If your company offers these, make sure that your website and job postings list all of your employee perks.

Here’s the point: It’s no secret that recruiting talented workers is key to a company’s success. Many companies struggle to recruit talented employees, especially when jobs are plentiful. Consider using a staffing partner like Nesco Resource, to help ensure that you find and hire quality talent for your company. To learn more about our staffing solutions, visit the Nesco Resource website.