Start Staffing for the Holidays NOWn48v8sk5k3

Many employers plan to hire temporary or permanent workers as the November and December holidays draw closer. It’s often wise to act early in your hiring process, so that you find, hire and onboard the best seasonal workers for your company.

One reason for hiring holiday workers is so that permanent employees can enjoy time off at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Employers increasingly realize the importance of employee satisfaction. In fact, a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that the top driver of employee satisfaction is the respectful treatment of employees at all levels. Managers admit that happy employees mean a more productive workplace and more problems solved.

Nail down the job description for seasonal hires.

Before your employees get wrapped up in year-end activities, make sure to hammer down job descriptions. Too often, companies rely on outdated and inaccurate job descriptions — ones that were written years ago.  Now is the time to make sure that your job descriptions accurately represent the skills, expertise and attitude your company is looking for in seasonal help. The benefit to this approach is that you’ll hone in one the right candidates, ones who can provide the service your customers expect at the holidays.

Advertise your jobs in new channels.

It’s wise to explore new channels for seasonal candidates like graduating college students, especially when you need to hire quickly. Consider advertising your seasonal work at the career services office of your local university or community college.

Get started now!

Many companies are choosing to hire holiday workers now, who will report to work in November. If you’re looking to hire holiday help, don’t make the mistake of waiting too long. The best workers, those with top skills and experience, are looking for holiday positions right now. These workers are planning ahead and hoping to get their foot in the door of a great company. Hopefully it’s yours.

Take the time to properly onboard your holiday workers.

Too often, companies fail to effectively train their temporary workers, which results in a loss of productivity and a blow to the company’s bottom line. It’s important to properly orient your seasonal workers and familiarize them with company practices and culture. When new employees join a team, they are going to be unsure of their tasks, and they’re going to have a lot of questions. Assigning them a seasoned employee to shadow will make them feel more comfortable and get them trained more quickly. In short, the more time you invest in the beginning, the faster you’ll have a trained worker.

For more advice about effective seasonal hiring and onboarding processes, make sure to visit the Nesco Resource website.