How to Turn Your Temporary Position Into a Permanent Onewinter_hoarfrost_on_a_flower_201664

A temp job often provides a path to experience if you’re looking for a permanent position. It may also lead to an offer of permanent employment or a renewed contract if you play your cards right. That’s why temps should do what they can to stand out in some way.

Temporary workers are a critical part of virtually every company’s talent pool. Over 2.9 million Americans work as temporary employees according to Labor Department statistics — a number that continues to grow. What’s more, according to a survey by the American Staffing Association, temps say that temping helps them obtain work experience and improve their professional skills.

For job seekers, being a temp can be the perfect opportunity to explore career options and size up the culture of a company before making a commitment. If you’re a temp hoping to make your position permanent, you’ll need to show your employer why you’re an excellent worker and the first person they should think of hiring. Here’s some advice on how to make that happen.

Make a great first impression. Especially in the first few weeks of a job, it’s crucial to show that you’re a hard worker and not a slacker. Be the first in and the last to leave. Don’t take personal calls on the job and don’t constantly check your phone.

Tell your employer about all of your skills. Your hiring manager may not realize you possess more than what you were contracted for. First, understand the company’s needs and figure out how to apply your talents to their goals. If you have marketing experience, for example, come up with ideas on how to promote the company’s products and share them in writing. Ask yourself: What pressure is your boss under — to cut costs, make his unit more efficient or something else?

Show your employer how you helped them add value. Track your accomplishments and bring them up when your contract is up for renewal. Did you come up with a new idea to solve a problem? Did you clear a backlog of orders? Show your boss you can consistently create high-quality results.

Don’t annoy your boss or co-workers about becoming a full-time employee. While you should make sure your boss and co-workers know you like your job and want to stay there permanently, don’t pester them about it. Let your work ethic, professionalism and record of accomplishments sell you.

As a temp, you are gaining experience, and ultimately because you’re on the inside, you’ll have a leg up on other job seekers. Use it to your advantage. To get more insight on finding a job or succeeding in the workplace, visit the Nesco Resource website.