Temp Work Is Not for Everyone, but It is Worth Itcoins-currency-investment-insurance-128867-1

Temporary workers are a crucial part of virtually every company’s talent pool. While trying a job on for size before making a commitment might not be for everyone, it can be worth it.

It’s estimated over 10 percent of the American workforce is made up of temporary or contingent workers. Temps are a great resource for businesses and often work for companies for extended periods of time. They add value to a company at a reasonable cost, and can serve as potential permanent hires.

For employers, hiring temp workers is an excellent way to evaluate an individual on the job without the commitment of hiring them permanently. Think of it as “try before you buy.” Because it’s far easier for employers to back out of a temporary arrangement than to terminate employment, temp jobs are on the rise. What’s more, with temp workers, companies don’t have to rack up the costs associated with permanent employees, like health benefits, insurance and vacation pay.

So while it’s true that temping is no guarantee of a path to permanent employment, you may be surprised to learn that other benefits make being a temp a win-win:

You can explore career options and size up the workplace environment. Taking a temp job can be a great way to get a peek into companies and industries and possibly find a job you like. And if you don’t like the job, it’s an easy way out. Unlike permanent jobs, there’s no stigma to leaving a temp job.

Gain professional references from your time on the job. Many of the ways companies evaluate job candidates is through reference checks. Ideally, you cultivate professional references by developing strong relationships with managers and co-workers. When you’re ready to move on from your temp job, ask those people if you can use them as a reference for future employment applications.

Build skills you can add to your resume. Short-term temp roles offer a way to bolster your resume. In fact, many job seekers take temporary jobs specifically to gain experience. And while working as a temp, you may learn about skills you don’t have, but are interested in obtaining, like IT, accounting or marketing.

As this article shows, temp work is not for everyone, but it can lead to new opportunities and building skills. If you’re looking for a temp job, remember our hiring experts are available for advice. Get started now by visiting the Nesco Resource website.