5 Marketable Job Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

Want to stand out from the pack in your job search? Try discussing your marketable job skills during your next interview.

If you’ve ever worked with someone who lacks time management, teamwork or communications ability — you know the importance of these traits. Too often, they are hard to spot on a resume, but they make the difference between a stellar employee and one who just gets by.

That said, impress your interviewer by putting the spotlight on these five marketable job skills:

  1. Problem Solving

Employers are increasingly looking for candidates who have the ability solve problems creatively and collaboratively. Problem solvers are invaluable to companies because of their ability to analyze problems and come up with solutions. They have the patience and insight to step back and view a business problem from all perspectives and map out a path toward a solution.

  1. Adaptability

Hiring managers are beginning to realize that success in the workplace takes more than technical skills. Internal qualities such as adaptability are becoming increasingly valued in the ever-changing business world. That’s because adaptable workers don’t get stressed and uncomfortable when faced with new, unexpected and urgent projects.

  1. Teamwork

As work becomes more team-based, employees who work well with others are more critical than ever. Teamwork is all about listening to others and respecting they way they work. If you’re a great team player, you can interpret and adapt to these styles.

  1. Communication Skills

The ability to communicate is essential in nearly all roles — at all levels. Being an excellent communicator doesn’t mean you need to be an award-winning writer or a world-class orator. But you must be able to express yourself with clear, concise written communication. You also need to be a good listener and ask the right questions. Last but not least, you need to display confidence and authenticity when speaking with and presenting to others.

  1. Positive Attitude

Those who see the glass as half full are regarded as optimists, and they play a vital role in the workplace. Optimists believe that good things will happen and negative events are temporary setbacks to be overcome. Not only are positive people more pleasant to work with, they are also motivated and persistent in their goals. They don’t give up on difficult situations — they attack their problems head-on.

As this article shows, discussing marketing job skills during your next interview may give you a leg up on other candidates. If you’re looking for help finding your next job, turn to Nesco Resource.