Elements of a “Top” IT Job Candidate

It goes without saying that candidates for IT jobs need a strong background in computer science and programming languages. It turns out, the best IT candidates have unique elements that set them apart from others.

Nearly every company today has a technology-related component that is critical to its success. Information technology has become a part of our daily life — from computer networks to games, to cloud computing, to mobile apps to websites. So it’s not surprising that jobs in information technology are expected to grow significantly over the next decade.

Hiring managers who are looking to recruit bright, shining talent may be tempted only to look at the technical programming requirements of a job and try to match available candidates with that skill set. That’s a mistake because top information technology job seekers need more than coding prowess. That’s because individuals working in IT positions can have an enormous impact on business results.

Here are some starting points on elements to look for in a top IT candidate:

Are they a rising star? Your top candidate needs more than just competency — they need to have potential. That means they have the fundamental ability to change and grow and be able to perform successfully at a larger and more complex job of tomorrow. The first and foremost thing is to look for a candidate with the right motivation. High-potential candidates have a mix of hunger and humility. They want to build something larger than themselves, not for selfish reasons, but for selfless reasons.

Do they have grit? In a nutshell, top IT candidates are those who possess grit, a combination of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of their goals. They’ll need it because IT jobs are notoriously full of relentless pressure with a pace that never slows. Tech workers work long days and must deliver on tight timelines and short project cycles. Top candidates have determination and a strong work ethic — enough to be able to persevere through challenging projects.

Do they stay updated on the newest advances? Technologies are constantly evolving, and in today’s ever-changing business environment, you have no idea what your IT job is going to look like two years down the road. That’s why it’s key to look for candidates who stay updated on the newest advances in their field  — whether through books, training, contributing to Github, participating in hackathons, entering competitions or publishing apps.

As this article shows, top IT job candidates have more than a strong background in technical fundamentals of programming; they are individuals who embrace new challenges.  To learn more about staffing issues, or to get assistance with your hiring needs, visit the Nesco Resource website.