Shortcuts Lead to Deep Cuts!

No matter if you’re working in an office setting, outdoors or in an industrial environment, practicing safety important.

Protect yourself from cuts and scrapes! Use the following techniques to prevent serious injury:

Protect Your Hands!

Wear gloves when handling sharp objects, cutting materials and moving materials from place to place.

Do Not Put an Open Blade in your Pocket!

NEVER put an open blade in your pocket! Remember to check tools prior to storing them and moving them to be sure blades are closed.

Never Leave Items Unattended

Never leave blades unattended and use self retracting cutting blades. Ensure blades are inspected for adequate integrity.

Keep the Work Area Clear

Ensure there are clear walking and maneuvering paths in the workplace.

Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Wear protective equipment to prevent injury from occuring!

Body Movements

Watch what you are walking around. Brushing up against something can cause scrapes and cuts without even noticing!

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Contact your branch today to learn about workplace safety and tips to keeping yourself and those around you injury free!

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Number of Cuts and Scrapes in the Workplace Each Year

Number of Untreated Bruises and Contusions Annually




Treating Cuts and Scrapes

Treating cuts and scrapes can be tricky!. The first step is to determine if the injury can be treated at home, or if medical assistance is needed. If home care is chosen, clean the area well with warm soapy water, hydrogen peroxide, and/or alcohol. Apply a healing agent, such as Neosporin, to prevent infection. Cover the area with a                                                      band-aid or gauze when working.

If an injury does occur in the workplace, make sure NurseLine is called by the injured                   employee!

1-855-389-6699 (NESCO)

1-855-384-2296 (CALLOS)