Everyone wants to hire high-potential employees — the kind who will lead results and always get the job done.

It makes sense to hire high-potential employees not only to ensure that daily work gets done, but because high-potential employees turn out to be more cost-effective. Why? Because high-potential people maximize performance of the teams and companies they work for, and can be moved into leading roles relatively quickly. The progression and contribution they make pays for more than their hiring.

Hiring a high-potential individual can drive superior results. It has been estimated, for example, that the top one percent of performers contribute ten percent of results, and the top twenty percent of performers contribute eighty percent of results. Putting a star performer on a team can expand results up to fifteen percent.

So, how do you identify high-potential prospective employees? Studies show high potential employees display the following qualities.

      1. Ability

The first quality potential star performers have is sheer ability. They are smart and able to master what they need to do for their jobs. One way to assess ability is to test for the job skills before hiring.

On higher levels, they show vision, creativity and systems thinking. These high performers can move into upper management levels.

      2. Social Skills

Top performers also have demonstrable social skills, which are increasingly important in today’s business environment, where teamwork and collaboration are ever-more important.

High-potential employees show the ability to manage themselves and others, resolving any personal or social issues that arise. They are team leaders and good collaborators.

Assessing social skills can be done by asking former managers about potential hires’ teamwork and collaboration abilities. Once they are on board, make assessments part of their performance reviews.

      3. Drive

Finally, top performers have a great deal of ambition. They are highly motivated to succeed, often exceeding goals. They want to learn and progress and they eagerly take on new assignments.

Hire people who have shown drive and ambition in past jobs. Once hired, motivate them with high-profile assignments and stretch goals. Think about grooming them for upper management if they do well on these.

Nesco Resource Can Help Identify High-Potential Employees

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