Your workplace will work better if there is a strong employer/employee relationship. In fact, building a strong employer/employee relationship is good for the business, you and the employees for the following three reasons.

        1. It Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Employees who feel recognized, rewarded, and appreciated by their employers have better motivation and morale. They want to do a good job, because they feel they are well treated.

Better motivation and morale lead to optimal productivity and better efficiency. You won’t have issues with people feeling that cutting corners or being late to work are acceptable behaviors.

Employees who do not feel their treatment is rewarded or appreciated sufficiently are likely not only to be unproductive themselves, but to lower the productivity of their team. This behavior can be contagious if not stopped.

        2. It Increases Loyalty

A strong employer/employee relationship not only increases morale and makes employees feel appreciated, it also boosts loyalty to the company. People who feel appreciated will appreciate back.

From a business perspective, loyalty increases retention. People who feel unappreciated may be more prone to leave. People who feel loyal stay.

Going through the hiring and training process for an employee who has left slows down productivity. Hiring and training can cost your company up to two or three times salary. Making sure your retention rates are good is a smart business move.

        3. It Decreases Conflict

Workplaces can be sites of conflict between employees and employers, and even between groups or individual people.

A strong employer/employee relationship is important in decreasing conflict and keeping workplace tension to a minimum.

How to Make Your Relationships Strong

Given the importance of a robust employee/employer relationship, it is a good idea to work toward making them as strong as they can be. Here are some steps you can take.

        1. Make Sure Employees Feel Appreciated

Whether it’s a weekly pizza lunch or a specific program that names an employee of the month, strategize ways to convey your appreciation to employees. Do not rely on your appreciation to come across without specific action.

        2. Communicate When Praise Is Due

When your team has done something especially well, whether it is exceeding production goals or winning the softball league, clearly communicate how pleased you are. Put congratulations in a newsletter or make a visit to the shop floor.

        3. Be Competitive in Salaries and Benefits

While people work for more than money and benefits, the fact is, those elements are highly important in building motivation, morale and loyalty.

You need to pay at least competitively to the similar firms in your area. There is always an employee grapevine about salaries and benefits. Your employees will know if your company is offering less than the going rates and standard benefits.

A Staffing Agency Can Help Your Business

An experienced staffing agency can help you grow and improve your business. Nesco Resource can assist in increasing productivity and loyalty, and help throughout the hiring process. We have access to a strong network of potential employees.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your business needs.