Having a strong warehouse team results in everyone working together more collaboratively and efficiently. Collaboration and efficiency will directly translate into maximized productivity and minimized costs, warehouse problems or delays.

But how do you build a successful warehouse team? Follow these steps.

        1. Hire to Fit into the Culture and for Company Needs

If you currently have a strong team, be sure to assess for cultural fit when hiring new people. Warehouse workers need to work closely with each other, so it’s important that they work together comfortably. It will also lower your need to hire as often, since workers comfortable with their colleagues tend to stay on the job, rather than leaving for another company.

Help create a strong culture by encouraging or sponsoring informal activities in which warehouse employees socialize together.

You will also want to consider company needs, of course. Punctuality, reliability and familiarity with the warehouse systems used should be screened for, as part of the hiring process, as well.

        2. Develop Team Projects

You also need to specifically create team projects on the road to a strong warehouse team. Yes, cultural fit will ensure they work well together. But then team-based projects ensure they will actually do tasks together.

Fortunately, multiple warehouse tasks lend themselves to teamwork. Moving inventory, organizing it, and loading and unloading products for shipment all require teams. Choose specific projects for a team, and build in methods to monitor and assess their performance as a team.

        3. Assess Team Performance

To develop an assessment of team performance, first decide what the most important metrics are. Productivity? Accuracy of shipments? Excellent knowledge of safety procedures? Ability to learn and synthesize their learning? Reducing damage in the loading or unloading process? It’s a good idea to let the team know performance goals.

Share results of the assessment with the team. Knowing their metrics and the results will help the team know what is important in their performance and why. Their awareness alone can drive improved performance.

       4. Develop a Reward System

Once you have assessed a team, be sure to reward your warehouse team as a team if they meet the standards you set up in the metrics.

Rewards can be monetary bonuses, “Team of the Month” citations, or lunch on the company, etc. Remember, a reward system can be used to build the team even further. It builds their appreciation of other team members, and their accountability toward each other. Perhaps most importantly, it reinforces in all your employees what desired teamwork and performance looks like, so they can emulate it.

A Staffing Agency Can Be Your Business Partner

Hiring can be a key component in building a strong warehouse team. Staffing agencies like Nesco Resource can help you hire productive workers who will be a good fit with your organization.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your organizations hiring needs.