It is very common for organizations to require maximum productivity from their employees. Highly productive employees are likely to receive more rewards than less productive ones.

But increased productivity can come at a cost too. You may feel there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done. You may feel stressed and tired at work — which will ultimately drain your productivity.

There are many ways to increase your productivity without burning out, however. Try these four tips.

        1. Manage Stress Effectively

One of the best ways to manage stress is to pinpoint the cause and develop a plan to fix it. When people complain of stress, they may feel it is a general problem. But in fact, upon deeper reflection, there are usually specific causes of stress.

Does your supervisor expect things faster than you can accomplish them? Are you expected to keep on top of your email late at night? Whatever the reason is, make a plan to manage it. Meet with your supervisor to discuss time lines. Make the case you will be more productive in the morning if you get a break from late night email.

        2. Take Real Breaks From Work

A key to becoming more productive is to be on top of tasks and assignments during the workday. Often, people who are expected to work long hours and shoulder large workloads feel burnt out rather than replenished when they start work in the morning. This is especially true when so much technology makes it possible to keep in touch with the office 24/7.

Your productivity will be heightened if you take real breaks from work. When you are home, turn off the mobile phone and computer, at least some of the time. Plan activities that will give you a break, whether it’s taking a walk in the evenings or catching a soccer game on television.

        3. Get Enough Sleep

More than one third of U.S. adults do not get enough sleep. In fact, sleep deprivation is a recognized problem among students, who cannot study properly because of lack of sleep, and in drivers on the nation’s roads. Drowsy driving is a significant source of accidents. It is no less a problem in organizations. Drowsy employees make more mistakes than those who are well-rested and they are not as productive.

Most people need at least seven hours of sleep each night. If you are not getting that, make a plan to increase your sleep. Develop a way to relax before you turn in for the night. Set up a regular sleep schedule, as many people who do not get enough sleep are deprived because they do not have a regular bed time.

        4. Socialize Regularly

People who are feeling burnt out tend to withdraw from social occasions. They may feel too tired and irritable to socialize well, in fact.

But regular social events can make you feel replenished; they make you happy! They feed your social needs just as enough sleep feeds your body. Do not withdraw from social events, but plan them regularly. They will increase your productivity as your sense of social well-being increases.

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