Analytics are increasingly important in companies. Vast data streams are available, and Big Data can drive product improvement, generate valuable customer insights, and unlock value in multiple ways. But to perform analytics effectively and optimize its contribution, you need a strong analytics team. Here are three of the most important qualities a team should have.

        1. Strong Leadership

First, the leadership needs to know analytics and the goals and objectives of the company. They need to be able to integrate the two to fully realize how analytics can contribute to company goals.

Team leaders also need to be able to align goals with stakeholders and tasks. Then, the scope of the team, key metrics, and timelines need to be determined.

Excellent leadership will also understand an organization’s culture. Some organizations want progress quickly, even if it means “failing fast.” Others are slow and measured. No analytics project will succeed if it doesn’t take corporate culture into account.

        2. Specialized Skills

Analytics teams, to be successful, need three different skills sets.

The first are technical data skills, to access and make available the data sets. The second is analytic skills. The teams must know which analysis is most important and how to perform it. Finally, the team also needs business skills. Team members with strength in business need to ensure the work performed is the correct work to drive the achievement of the business goals.

        3. The Correct Goals

Goals need to be chosen carefully. They must, of course, meet business needs and unlock value. But there should also be stretch goals chosen to keep team members motivated.

Stretch goals emphasize the importance of innovation and continuous improvement.

If the right goals are chosen, meeting them will enhance the company’s business. Success will also serve to further unify and motivate the team. Goal achievement becomes a driver of further goal achievement.

It is also a great idea to aggressively market and publicize team achievements. Knowledge of success is likely to build further success.

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