Careers are long; most last thirty years or more. As a result, where you start – and even where you plan to go – can be different than where you find yourself ten, twenty, or thirty years on. It is smart to think of your career as a path that can take productive and interesting turns.

Here are four strategies in mapping out a career path:

        1. Think About What Differentiates You from the Competition

Are you innovative? Do you excel as a leader? Can you communicate more perfectively than your peers? Can you build work-related social networks effectively across departments? These are just some of the questions to help define your unique differentiators.

        2. Try Different Roles

Say you started out as a systems engineer. You may find that you love planning operations or are particularly good at communicating the objectives of your department. But you will not find out unless you take on those roles.

Many companies have specific rotational programs, where identified people are moved among various departments and responsibilities. If yours does not, discuss possible roles with your supervisor.

        3. Never Turn Down a Promising Opportunity

Whether it is a promotional path, a transfer to a different department or location, or an augmentation of your responsibilities, opportunities can reveal roles, tasks and capabilities you may not know you had.

        4. Tap Colleagues for Help – and Give It in Return

Use your business networks as a source of support. Colleagues can give advice, mentor you, alert you to ongoing opportunities or challenges, and help make your career the best it can be. When contemplating whether to take a new opportunity, ask for their advice.

Pay it forward as well. Become known as someone who will help colleagues achieve. Be a sounding board when asked. Be a mentor to new people. All of it improves your career path and strengthens your business network.

Your Partner in a Career

Mapping out a career can be challenging. Staffing agencies like Nesco Resource can help. Contact us today to discuss high-quality IT and engineering opportunities.