Interviewing entry-level candidates must be approached differently than experienced candidates. You need to elicit why they want the job, how they solve problems, and what they bring to the position. These questions are important in more senior candidates, too, of course. But entry-level candidates do not have job experience to draw on when giving their answers, so you need to ask questions that do not rely on that experience.

Here are three questions to ask when interviewing entry-level candidates:

        1. How Does Your Previous Experience Qualify You for This Job?

This question is designed to elicit what the candidate thinks about their experience and potential contribution. No, they do not have much experience; however, the question does not pinpoint job experience, only any previous experience.

As a result, they can tell you what strengths and abilities they have that will transfer to this job. If they worked as a coach during college, they learned team-building skills. They may have organizational skills from closing out the cash register at an ice-cream parlor where they worked.

        2. What Do You Hope to Learn From This job?

If they want specific training and you do not offer it, you have found out valuable information. But if they want it and your company does offer it, you can gauge their level of potential enthusiasm and engagement.

If they are hoping for specific roles that are part of the job, they may be strong candidates. Watch out for candidates whose learning goals are not aligned with the job.

        3. What Do You See Daily Life Being in the Role?

You do not want an IT professional who expects to run the department if she is an entry-level programmer! A person whose expectations are too high can be challenging to manage, and is not likely to stay long.

Use this question to let people know what the role entails. If they seem enthusiastic and embrace what you are saying, you may want to consider them for the position.

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