Good communication in the workplace helps everyone feel heard and understood, leading to a positive, encouraging and successful working environment.

So how do you improve communication in the workplace? Here are three ways:

  1. Really listen and Focus When You Talk to People

To communicate well, it is necessary to really listen and focus when you talk to them – and when they talk to you. You would be surprised at how often that does not happen. We are all busy, and you may give the impression of not listening when you do not mean to.

Turn off your smartphone and sit away from your computer so you cannot check email messages. That will improve focus.

Smile if appropriate. Come across as friendly and approachable, and communication will improve.

  2. Watch Nonverbal Cues

Watch nonverbal cues such as body language. Your body language can negate what you are trying to say. Sitting with your arms crossed rather than down at your sides, for example, can come across as defensive or even angry, rather than encouraging.

  3. Follow up If Necessary

If your team has asked for some piece of information, be sure to follow up. Not fixing a broken coffee maker, for example, or asking top brass about promotional paths, will lead them to believe you were not really listening. It can damage communication if they do not feel like next steps were taken.

Even if the outcome is not what your staff wants to hear, be sure to tell them.

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