When you start a new job, it is natural to think about the tasks involved in your job and your supervisor as top priorities. But developing relationships with your co-workers is equally important.

That is why it is crucial to put time into building relationships. Make sure you learn the names of the people you work with. For starters, chat over the water cooler or in the cafeteria. Find common ground. Maybe you both have children in their early teens or like baseball. Your workday will go much better if you have commonalities with people and like your co-workers. Here’s why:

1. It Improves Teamwork

Building positive relationships with your co-workers leads to improved teamwork. Going out for happy hour, grabbing lunch or seeing people on the weekends will help you get to know them. You can work better on a team if you know and are comfortable with the people you are working with.

2. It Leads to Better Morale

Morale is the spirit of a place. When people feel they are treated fairly and look forward to coming to work, their morale is high.

3. It Increases Productivity

If you feel like part of a team, it is likely you will want to stay at a company. Employers call that “engagement.” Employees who are engaged and want to stay are more productive. That is good news all around.

A Staffing Agency That Works for You

Building relationships with your co-workers is important. It can also indicate capabilities for teamwork, good morale and high productivity that can impress prospective employers going forward. For more tips on impressing employees and selling your qualifications, contact Nesco Resource today.