Trustworthy relationships between managers and employees are the heart of a company’s overall success. An atmosphere of distrust can prevent employees from being engaged with their work, making them opt to perform to the bare minimum satisfactory standard and no higher. Taking the time to work on your relationship with employees will pay off in productivity, job satisfaction, and retention. Learn more about how managers can build a positive relationship with their employees from these tips.

Focus on Transparency

Set the foundation of a trustworthy relationship with your employees by focusing on transparency. Bring them into the loop about company news, even if it is not necessarily something you think they would find interesting. This shows you respect them and are not hiding anything. And if you ever make a mistake, own it. Admitting your own shortcomings will make them realize you are honest and sincere.

Ask for Their Input

Your employees have likely had experiences in the past in which their managers never truly listened to what they had to say. Break down these barriers by asking for their input and actively listening. If they feel their voices are heard and you value their opinions, they are likely to start viewing you in a positive light.

Prioritize Accessibility

It is difficult to have a good relationship with your employees if you are not around much or they cannot get in contact with you when they need questions answered. Make it a point to prioritize accessibility for your employees and respond to them in a timely manner.

Let Them Be Accountable

Micromanaging is the enemy to manager-employee relationships. Give your team the space to show what they can do by letting them be accountable for a task or project without your interference. They will feel more engaged in their performances, since they will have the freedom to make their own decisions, and will realize you respect their abilities and trust them.

Acknowledge Their Work

Many employees feel their effort goes unnoticed, and their managers only point out shortcomings. Acknowledge their work and recognize when they go above and beyond. Feeling appreciated by you will make your employees want to continue to build a positive relationship with you.

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