The job interview is a major deciding factor for hiring managers, so it is important to ensure you are following proper etiquette. This allows hiring managers to see your qualifications, rather than be distracted by inappropriate or unprofessional behaviors you may not even realize are coming across that way. Learn more about “must-know” job interview etiquette tips.  

  •    Devote Time to Research and Prepare

Showing up to a job interview without planning ahead sends the signal you do not respect the opportunity enough to take it seriously. Devote time to researching the company (products/services offered, mission statement, recent news) as well as preparing for the interview itself (pack extra resume copies, practice your key points, and look up directions to give yourself enough time to be punctual).

  •      Dress Professionally

Dress professionally for a job interview by selecting attire a level or two above the company’s dress code (for a manufacturing position where everyone wears casual clothes that can get dirty, wear something business casual for your interview, like a solid colored top or blouse, and slacks). And remember – it is not about looking model-perfect, but being well-groomed.

  •      Master Body Language

Your body language can make or break the interviewer’s first impression of you. Make eye contact when speaking, shake their hand firmly and smile when introducing yourself, sit up straight, and don’t fidget. Otherwise, you may come off unprofessional, lacking confidence or even unintentionally rude.

  •    Ask Questions

Although job interviews are conducted with an emphasis on the interviewer directing questions to you, it should ideally be a two-way conversation. Ensure you are prepared with relevant, thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer. Otherwise, you may come across as disinterested or simply not taking the opportunity seriously.

  •     Express Your Appreciation

Saying thank you is Etiquette 101 for most situations, and job interviews are no different. Express your appreciation to the interviewer for their consideration and for taking the time to meet with you, both at the beginning and conclusion of the interview. Also, take a few minutes to send a quick email afterwards to once again thank them and let them know you’re interested and enthusiastic about the opportunity.

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