Your resume is your only chance to make a great first impression to recruiters. If it does not look appealing at first glance, it will likely get tossed aside and you will be left wondering why your job search is not progressing. Make your resume the best it can be by avoiding these common reasons why recruiters pass on your resume:

  • Difficult to Read

Whether there are blocks of text with little white space or flowery fonts, if your resume is difficult to read, recruiters are likely going to reject it. Remember your resume is intended to showcase what a qualified candidate you are. If it is not easily readable, it does not give recruiters confidence in your professional capabilities. Keep it simple by using basic formatting, writing concisely, and breaking it into sections.

  • Unclear on Qualifications

It is important to eliminate any guesswork and make it glaringly obvious you are qualified. You can do this by using keywords from the job posting in your resume, and reordering your bullet points to highlight only your most relevant skills and experience.

  • Lacks Accomplishments

Recruiters do not want to see a list of tasks for which you were responsible – they want to know how well you performed. To prevent your resume from being passed on, ensure you are including objective accomplishments as opposed to just listing responsibilities. For example, you could strengthen your resume by including if you were in the top percentage of performers or if you produced at a high rate.

  • Contains Errors

Proofreading your resume is crucial. Typos and grammatical errors distract from your qualifications and can make recruiters question your level of professionalism. Consider their perspective, if you are willing to submit a document as important as a resume that contains errors, how much attention to detail would you exhibit in the workplace? Review your resume multiple times, and have someone else review it as well with a fresh set of eyes to catch errors.

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