When you are job searching, the key to success is utilizing an assortment of resources. LinkedIn is a social network designed for professionals, making it a simple, yet effective tool for your job search. Check out these benefits of LinkedIn for job seekers:

  • Networking

While in-person opportunities to form connections with others may be limited, LinkedIn makes it simple to get to know new people and keep in touch with previous contacts. You can interact in group forum discussions or reach out directly to ask for advice, job leads and more. Plus, having a LinkedIn presence helps you stay in contact with past colleagues or managers for references or potential jobs.

  • Visibility for Passive Leads

When you have a LinkedIn profile, your resume is available for recruiters and hiring managers to reach out to you. This gives you the chance to be contacted about job leads for which you are qualified, but may not have otherwise seen on your own. What could be better than getting more job leads with less work?

  • Supporting Evidence of Qualifications

Often after recruiters or hiring managers receive your resume or interview you, they may visit your LinkedIn profile to see if you are as qualified as you seem. You can upload documentation you have created or link to an online portfolio to highlight your skills and add credibility to your claims. This supporting evidence will make them feel more confident in you as a top contender.

  • Interview Prep

A standard piece of advice for job interviews (because it works!) is to research the company ahead of time in order to tailor your responses. With LinkedIn, you can easily look up key facts about companies of interest, and learn about their mission, recent news, number of employees, types of positions and more. This can be helpful for researching smaller companies that may not have a comprehensive website.

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