Employer branding is one of the main deciding factors for whether or not top talent opts to take your offer, or even apply in the first place. The most in-demand candidates have the luxury of multiple offers, and will tend to go with the employer that has effectively communicated its brand, including values and what it is like to work there. Use these tips to perfect your employer brand.

Monitor Your Reputation

Before you can make any strategy to improve your employer brand, you have to know what the public currently thinks of it. Monitor your company’s reputation online by visiting employer review sites and searching for mentions on social media. This can be your first step in seeing what works and what needs improvement with your employer brand.

Define Your Company Culture

The foundation of your employer brand is your company culture. Clearly define your company culture – its mission, values, work environment, etc. Whatever platform you are using to showcase your employer brand, you should be highlighting your company culture so candidates have a clear idea of what makes your company unique.

Enhance Your Online Presence

When candidates see job listings for your organization, the first action they are likely to take is to search for you online. Improve employer branding by enhancing your online branding. Ensure there is fresh, informative, and compelling content on your website, social media, and the job posting itself. Always focus on conveying your brand and telling your story.

Prioritize Candidate Experience

Much of your employer brand is created by the actual experiences candidates have when interacting with your company. No matter how much you try to market it a certain way, how people feel they were treated by your company will greatly contribute to its reputation. Improve your employer brand by prioritizing the candidate experience. Treat them with respect every step of the way, from the application process to the rejection/offer stage.

Upgrade Your Compensation Packages

To really perfect your employer brand, take a look at how well your compensation packages are aligning with the image you are trying to project. For example, if you want your employer brand to be known as being supportive of work-life balance, then you would want a compensation package that includes something that supports that point, such as work-from-home options.

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