Strategic planning is generally utilized for achieving organizational goals and hitting milestones, but it should also be applied to creating the company’s future leaders. The best prospects for senior level positions are often internal promotions, since these employees have shown their commitment to the organization, possess institutional knowledge, and proven their performance levels. Identify future leaders in your organization with these tips:

Look for the Right Traits

Do not focus so much on the skills employees currently have, since they can be trained to hone them. Look for the employees who exhibit the traits that indicate leadership potential.

  • Proactive Nature

Leaders don’t just talk about what needs to be done – they actually do it. Employees who are proactive and take the steps to make change happen are likely to have what it takes to be tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Passion for the Mission

The employees most likely to advance the company’s mission in leadership roles are those who already are engaged. Those with the most passion for the mission will have what it takes to go above and beyond.

  • Top-Notch Communication

The difference between a leader and an experienced and knowledgeable employee in a contributor role? Communication. The employees who showcase an ability to communicate verbally and in writing, and get people to pay attention and take them seriously are likely to be great leaders.

Develop Ways to Effectively Groom Them

Once you have identified your employees with high leadership potential, you can start implementing the next steps in preparing them to grow as leaders:

  • Provide Extra Responsibilities

If an employee is going to make it as a leader, they have to learn how to juggle multiple priorities and not drop the ball. Start providing extra responsibilities so they can figure out how to prioritize and effectively manage their workload and stress levels. 

  • Implement Training Programs

Some aspects of leadership are inherent, while other parts can be developed through training. Consider implementing a leadership training program for the future leaders of your organization, whether a formal curriculum or informal mentorships.

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