The key to a successful job interview is making a positive first impression that is memorable enough for you to stand out from the other candidates. When you are up against other candidates who likely possess similar qualifications, the ability to make a personal connection during the interview can give you an edge. Learn more about how to connect with your interviewer.

  • Give a Warm Introduction

Set the tone immediately by introducing yourself in a friendly, yet professional manner. Just because it is in a business context does not mean you cannot be as warm as if you were meeting someone in a personal situation. Smile, shake their hand firmly, say it is great to meet them and you are happy to be there.

  • Focus on Positive Body Language

Making a connection with your interviewer is not just about what you say – your nonverbal body language is subtle but can make a difference. Smile and make eye contact, avoid crossing your arms or legs and use good posture. When you slouch or cross your limbs, it can appear you lack confidence or are closed off.

  • Follow Their Cues

In social situations, making a connection is about finding common ground. Apply this concept to your interview by following your interviewer’s cues. Observe their tone and energy, and then align your own to match with them, while still being your authentic self. For instance, if your interviewer is more exuberant, you could be more animated and upbeat than if your interviewer was more reserved, where you would tone down a bit to not make them uncomfortable.

  • Show Authentic Interest

A common trait of likable people is they show authentic interest in others. Connect with your interviewer by asking questions, not just about the job or company, but about them. You can ask how long they are been with the company, what they like best about the company, etc. Having a slightly more personal conversation can make you more relatable to one another.

  • Express Your Appreciation

Just like you are more inclined to be drawn to someone who seems to sincerely want to get to know you, interviewers want to hire the candidate who takes the opportunity seriously and seems like they truly want it. Before you leave the interview, express your appreciation and thank them for taking the time to meet with you and for considering you for the opportunity.

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