Accounting is a field with great potential for moving up, if you are strategic with creating and pursuing a career path. Once you break into accounting and become acclimated, don’t allow yourself to get complacent. Advance your career in accounting with these tips:

  • Earn Certifications

Expanding your knowledge base shouldn’t stop after you earn your accounting degree. To advance your career, aim to never stop learning. Look into different specialized certifications you can earn – the more education you have, the higher the likelihood of being considered for higher level accounting positions in the future.

  • Focus on Soft Skills

Accounting is about far more than just crunching numbers. If you want to progress in your career, you will need to focus on your soft skills. Soft skills include communication, leadership, time management and teamwork. Determine the soft skills that could use improvement; then do some research to find practical advice or ask a trusted mentor or colleague.

  • Form Professional Connections

Many positions, especially higher-level ones, are filled via referrals or “word of mouth.” If you keep to yourself and don’t maintain a network of professional contacts, your chances for advancement are significantly limited. Start getting involved in your industry – go to events, participate in online forum discussions, and occasionally reach out to your connections, such as with a quick email or invitation to meet for coffee.

  • Build a Brand

You will have difficulty advancing your career in accounting if you stay under the radar. Make yourself more memorable by building a professional brand. Determine what makes you unique, whether it is certain skill sets, personality traits, or how you want others to view you. In all of your interactions, take special care to ensure you are supporting your professional brand, such as the tone you reply with in an email or the content of a whitepaper you write.

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