Preparing to answer interview questions regarding your professional qualifications and work history is standard, but there are some questions that seem designed to throw you for a loop. A common question that candidates find confusing is when an interviewer asks why they should not hire them – is it a trick question or is there a way to spin it to impress? Learn more about how to answer the interview question, “Why shouldn’t we hire you?”

  • Acknowledge Company Culture Fit

Tailor your response to discuss a factor of your personality or work style that would affect how well you would fit with company culture. For instance, something like, “If you have a company culture that does not value teamwork, then don’t hire me. I work best in a collaborative setting, and would not do well in a cutthroat environment that requires tearing others down to advance.” This avoids mentioning anything potentially negative about your work ethic, while still answering the question. And if the company culture actually wouldn’t be a good fit, it would be better for both you and the interviewer to know that early on. 

  • Own up to an Unrelated Weakness

Some interviewers really want to know about your weaknesses, and will be persistent if you try to avoid answering. It will also come across as disingenuous if you respond with a strength disguised as a weakness (i.e., “I work too hard” or “I’m a perfectionist”), so avoid taking that route. Instead, own up to an actual weakness… but one that is not closely related to the core responsibilities of the role. For example, being naturally shy and anxious about public speaking would work as an unrelated weakness for a job that mainly deals with technology or doesn’t require running meetings.

  • Focus on an Area Lacking Experience

Another way to answer “why shouldn’t we hire you?” without making yourself look bad or being dishonest in any way is to focus your response on an area in which you are lacking experience. Whether it is a specific program you have not used much or a skill set you did not have to learn in your previous roles, building your answer around inexperience can answer the question while keeping your cool and not hurting your chances.

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