When you are considering applying for jobs, one of the first things you do is research the company online to see what you can find. It goes both ways – hiring managers are increasingly looking up candidates online to see if there are any red flags. Just like a bunch of negative online employee reviews or bad publicity will likely make you no longer consider an employer, if your online presence gives them cause for concern, you may end up rejected. Learn more about how to assess and clean up your online presence before job hunting:

Take a Look at Your Current Online Presence

Find out what results currently show up when you look up your name on search engines and social media so you can determine your plan for your online presence. By seeing your online presence through the lens of a hypothetical hiring manager, you can narrow down what areas need attention.

Perform an Online “Scrub”

Once you have reviewed your current online presence and what results pop up, perform an online “scrub” to delete and clean up any content that may not portray you in a professional manner. Content that could be seen as red flags include obvious items, such as:

  • anything referencing illegal activities;
  • using inappropriate language; and
  • engaging in online arguments

Other less subtle content that could be seen as red flags include posts with:

  • Complaints or bad-mouthing previous jobs or bosses; and
  • misspellings or grammatical errors.

Update Your Settings

Your social media, blog or other online channels do not necessarily have to be devoid of any personality. If you wish to keep your personal and professional personas separate online, go into your privacy settings for each of your accounts and adjust them as desired. Pay close attention to the parts of your online presence that are public, such as profile photos and bios.

Note: Be cautious about locking down all facets of your online presence though – you could miss out on the opportunity to be memorable and showcase your personality if you have nothing online at all when searched.

Create Positive Content

Cleaning up your online presence before job hunting is not just about getting rid of potentially negative content. Take your online presence to the next level by creating positive content to further boost your qualifications. For example, write public blogs about your industry to demonstrate your written communication skills and expertise, or engage in public forum conversations to show you are passionate about your field.

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