Hiring managers are looking for more than just your ability to perform the responsibilities of the position – they need to feel confident you will fit in with the company culture. They will likely ask you about your work style to get a sense of how well you would align with the work environment. As you are preparing for your next interview, keep this advice in mind to answer the interview question, “Describe your work style”:

  • Narrow Down Specifics

Do some self-reflection as you determine how to best discuss your work style in interviews. Consider your preferences regarding the following factors of work style:

  • Collaboration – Do you like working alone or in a group setting?
    • Management – How do you handle feedback from your manager?
    • Organizational – How do you set your priorities and manage your time?
    • Communication – Do you prefer electronic, face-to-face, or phone communication?

Once you truly understand your work style, you can start to craft a specific response that will not be vague or generic.

  • Determine Shared Values

Take a close look at the job description and research the company itself to determine what aspects of your work style would likely be a good fit. Clarify what values you may share with the company culture, and highlight those in your response. For example, for an administrative position, you could give more emphasis to the fact you value attention to detail since that aligns with the role.

  • Include Examples

Show the interviewer you are sincere and giving a candid response, as opposed to saying what you think they want to hear, by including specific examples of your work style. For instance, if your work style is one in which you thrive in fast-paced environments and are invigorated by challenges and solving problems, support your statement with a real-life example from a past work experience in which you did just that.

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