Temporary employment has advantages that go beyond a paycheck or preventing gaps in your work history. If you are proactive with your approach to your temporary job, it could boost your career and get you closer to your professional goals. Learn more about making the most of your temporary job by following these tips:

  • Think Strategically

Before you apply for temporary jobs, ask yourself about your overall career goals. For example: Do you want to get into a particular industry or company, or learn new skills to change careers? Once you have clarified your goals, think strategically about what temporary jobs to pursue that will support them.

  • Make a Professional Impression

Just because a temporary job has a limited time frame does not mean the impression you make is not important. Be as professional as you would at any job, by being punctual, performing to high standards, being well-groomed and having a pleasant attitude. This could benefit you if you need a reference for future jobs or would like to be considered for future employment there. 

  • Form Connections

Networking is such a crucial component to achieving your professional goals. Put in the effort to get to know people and exchange contact information when you leave – you never know who will offer you a job lead, provide a recommendation or give you valuable advice, so take advantage of every opportunity to form connections at your temporary job.

  • Gain New Experience

Make the most of your temporary job by taking every opportunity to grow your resume. Try to find jobs that will allow you to gain some type of new experience you could use as a foundation for qualifying for future jobs. Plus, you may find out you have a particular aptitude or enjoyment of a task that you may never have realized otherwise. 

  • Finish on a Positive Note

After you have completed your temporary assignment, leave a lasting positive impression to keep the door open for repeat assignments. Express your appreciation for the opportunity and let the manager know you valued your time there. Finishing on a positive note can make you memorable, so you are top of mind if they have additional temporary employment.

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