The relationship you have with your boss can significantly influence your career. Ineffective or downright toxic bosses are often enough to make workers leave jobs that are otherwise ideal. Sticking it out while working under an unsupportive leader in the name of gaining experience can actually end up holding you back. Learn more about the benefits of working for a leader that supports you:

  • You Will Have Higher Job Satisfaction

At the most fundamental level, having a boss who cares about your well-being and success can make it more pleasant to go to work each day. This results in higher overall job satisfaction, making you more content with your day-to-day work, or at least not dreading the prospect of going to work each day. Having high job satisfaction can reduce your stress outside of work as well, since you will not be mentally drained or on edge when you go home.

  • It Increases Your Productivity

Working for a leader that supports you can make you a better performer by increasing your productivity. Productivity can be hindered by factors such as inefficient processes, lacking the necessary tools to perform your tasks, an unrealistic workload or unclear expectations. If your boss supports you, they are more likely to both actively listen to your volunteered feedback and directly solicit your insights. They will communicate openly with you and take any necessary actions to remove roadblocks to your productivity because they truly care.

  • You Will Feel More Motivated to Succeed

Since you are performing your job duties under the watch of a leader who values you, you may feel more motivated to succeed because you find it personally fulfilling. Supportive leaders make their employees feel like their contributions truly matter. Having a sense of purpose gives your job meaning, which can in turn motivate you to want to go above and beyond.

  • You Will Be More Likely to Achieve Your Career Goals

A supportive boss is not simply a perk that is nice to have, but not necessary. The level of support your boss offers you can majorly shape your career. If you work under an unsupportive leader who does not consider your needs or goals, you may miss out on the chance to gain valuable skills and experience that can prevent you from advancing in your career in the future. A leader who cares about your long-term professional objectives will make it a point to help you develop, not keep you in place because it is easier for their day to day.

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