Strategic planning of your onboarding process for temporary employees is important because they do not have the opportunity to acclimate gradually over time. Since temporary employees are only at your workplace for a limited time, it is crucial to get them trained as quickly and accurately as possible, so they can start contributing. Onboard your temporary employees more effectively with these tips:

  • Have a Set Plan

Onboarding temporary employees is not something that should be performed on the fly. Not only could you forget to convey crucial information, it also sends the message your new employees were not worth the preparation. Create a specific plan for onboarding, including what needs to be done prior to their start dates (such as compiling any supplies and setting up their work areas), as well as set an onboarding checklist and agenda for their first day.

  • Develop Reference Material

When temporary employees start their new assignments, there is a lot of information thrown at them that can be difficult to retain. Save time and ease their nerves by developing reference materials with key information. Whether a simple handout or an intranet link, having reference materials allows temporary employees to be more self-sufficient and productive.

  • Communicate Company Culture

Work duties and official policies only scrape the surface of what it is actually like to work at your company. There are so many informal procedures that comprise your company’s culture, so dedicate part of your onboarding process to communicating the culture. Give temporary employees a heads-up on the overall tone of the workplace, how people interact, how lunch breaks are handled or any other relevant information.

  • Match Them With a Mentor

Avoid the “sink or swim” method and get your temporary employees acclimated more quickly by organizing a mentorship system. Match individual temporary employees with experienced staff workers who can show them around, introduce them to others, answer their questions, serve as an overall point of contact for basic information, and simply offer a friendly and welcoming attitude.

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