The real way to grow professionally is to honestly examine your strengths and weaknesses, then take consistent steps to improve. Your boss can be the best source of feedback, but unless you request it, they may not come to you with it. Learn more about how to effectively ask your boss for feedback:

  • Be Proactive and Set up a Meeting

In order to get the most thoughtful feedback from your boss, do not ask for it during a casual conversation. Be proactive and set up a meeting. Ask your boss if it would be possible to schedule time to have a face-to-face meeting to discuss any feedback they have for you. This allows them the opportunity to prepare more detailed information for you.

  • Narrow Down Specific Areas

Before your meeting, take some time to clarify exactly what type of feedback you would like from your boss. Narrow down specific areas you would like to learn more about from your boss, such as how specific projects went or any particular skills you are wondering about. This preparation will ensure your discussion meets your expectations.

  • Request Specific Examples

When your boss is providing you feedback during your meeting, ensure you are completely understanding of their input. If the feedback they give is vague or you don’t quite get it, it’s okay to request specific examples. This will help you put it into context so you’re able to fully comprehend and implement into your daily work.

  • Ensure You Have Practical Steps

In the instance of receiving feedback concerning areas that need improvement, it can backfire if your boss does not also include steps you can take. Do not leave the meeting without feeling like you have practical steps you can take to improve and how your boss will measure said improvements.

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