Although onboarding and training is often thought of as a formality, it is more than just something to check off on your to-do list. The manner in which you bring new hires on board sets the foundation of their overall success at your organization. Learn more about how to immediately set up new hires for success:

  • Pair Them With Mentors

Making your new hires go at it alone and figure out things through trial and error not only slows down their acclimation, it also puts them at risk of unintentionally developing incorrect assumptions and making mistakes that hurt their confidence. Prevent this and set them up for success by pairing them with mentors. Mentors can show them the way, fill them in on company culture, answer questions and serve as a support system.

  • Get Them up to Speed on Core Values

A common way to measure the success of your employees is how effectively their work contributes to your company’s overall mission. Establish a foundation of success for new hires by getting them up to speed on core values. Discuss your company’s mission and what values it holds to give them a sense of how they should focus their efforts and why they are important.

  • Develop Reference Material

On the first days of a new hire’s’ employment, you provide a significant amount of information, such as company policies and culture, in addition to their specific job duties. It’s a lot to take in, so help your new hires get comfortable more quickly by developing reference material for them instead of having them rely on their own notes or memory. Document the most essential information for them and provide it to them via a handout or website link.

  • Check In

Employee engagement is a crucial component of your company’s productivity, innovation and morale. If you want to successfully set your new hires up to be engaged workers, the start of their employment is when it’s time to show that your company truly cares and values its team. Accomplish this by checking in regularly with your new hires – not just to see if they have questions about their work, but also how comfortable they feel.

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