When you have made it to the interview stage, it means your qualifications and background likely meet the hiring manager’s requirements. Since the other finalists have similar backgrounds, how can you make yourself more noticeable against the competition? Here’s how to set yourself apart in a job interview:

  • Do Your Research

Make a compelling case for the level of value you would add in the position above other candidates by tailoring your responses based on specific details of the company. Do your research on the company – review its website, social media sites and any press releases; then use the information you learned to customize your answers.

  • Show Your Enthusiasm

Hiring managers consider how excited candidates seem about the opportunity when making their decision. If someone wants a particular job, not just any job, they are more likely to work hard and be truly engaged in their performance. Show your enthusiasm during the interview, rather than trying to play it too cool. If you are particularly intrigued about the prospect of working for them, display that in your responses and tone.

  • Offer Specific Examples

Whenever you make any claim about yourself in a job interview, be prepared to offer specific examples as support. Not only does it add credibility to subjective claims (such as calling yourself a hard worker), but real-life examples can make you stand out against other candidates by making your responses more memorable since they are personalized.

  • Prioritize Their Perspective

It can be all too easy to respond to job interview questions in a manner that is self-serving – after all, you are trying to impress hiring managers with your qualifications. However, to stand out in an interview, you need to shift your focus and prioritize the perspective of the hiring manager. Craft your responses in order to demonstrate how you would add value to the organization, rather than centering on how much you would like or how you would be perfect for the job.

  • Ask Questions

A key metric hiring managers use to evaluate candidates is by the type of questions asked by them, not just the answers they give to the interview. Ask thoughtful questions about the specific position, the company overall or even about the interviewer’s experience with the company. This will help you establish a rapport with the interviewer and solidify your sincere interest in the job.

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