To be successful in your job search, you cannot rely on just one thing. If you only look for jobs via online postings, you could be missing out. Networking is one of the most effective ways to achieve your job search goals, but many job seekers place a low priority on it. Learn more about how networking can help you find a job:

  • Learn About New Opportunities

Often, hiring managers try to fill roles through referrals or connections before they venture to post openings to the general public. By developing and maintaining a network of professional connections, you will be in a better position to learn about new opportunities you would otherwise have not.

  • Receive Personal Referrals

Even if a job is posted online and there is quite a bit of competition, your network can help you get noticed. If you apply for a job and know someone who is affiliated with the organization or knows the hiring manager, that professional connection may be able to give you a personal referral that gets your application a closer look.

  • Valuable Advice

Having different perspectives can help guide your job search strategy to be as effective as possible. Whether you have specific questions or need a supportive ear, your professional network can help by offering valuable advice that can improve your actual job-search process, such as updating your cover letter to be more dynamic, or to give tips on how to overcome doubt or lack of motivation.

  • Insider Knowledge

If you are interested in pursuing a job at a particular employer, you may have contacts in your network who have experience there and can provide you with insider knowledge to guide your job search. Connections with insider knowledge can help you learn more about the company (including its values and culture) and how to get an edge and market yourself in the best way possible to get noticed by the hiring manager.

  • Hones Your Interpersonal Skills

Many people, even ones with outgoing temperaments, find networking intimidating. However, if you can get out of your comfort zone to form professional connections with others, it can help you with every aspect of your career by honing your interpersonal skills. The ability to communicate and find common ground will always be beneficial in the job search process, as well as any stage of your career in the workplace, since you will be dealing with other people.

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