Hours spent working and the amount of effort put forth does not necessarily mean that your team is being as productive as they could be. If you know your team has the work ethic and skills to do more, you have the power as their manager to remove any roadblocks that are hindering them, whether related to workflow or mindset. Help your employees improve productivity with these tips:

1.    Avoid Micromanaging

Delegate tasks to your employees and step back and let them handle it. Micromanaging negatively affects productivity because it slows down your employees’ workflow if they have to check in with you throughout the entire process. Plus, micromanaging can make them feel frustrated and resentful, reducing their drive to work hard.

2.    Focus on Open Communication

Miscommunication or outright lack of communication is often the source of productivity problems, such as employees not clearly understanding your expectations or not feeling like they can come to you with questions. Focus on open communication in your workplace – discuss details upfront for tasks, such as due dates or level of importance compared to their other work and ask if anyone has questions or feedback for you.

3.    Set the Right Goals

Goals are a powerful tool for productivity. Having defined goals gives employees something to strive for and a distinct feeling of accomplishment, as opposed to the perception of only doing “busy work” day after day that does not lead to any results. Set the right goals to help your team achieve more. Clearly defined goals ensure they are quantifiable so they can measure their progress and break them down into smaller steps so they make progress without feeling overwhelmed.

4.    Recognize Effort

Employees are people with emotions and complex mindsets, not machines; therefore, it is necessary to appeal to their mental states. The best processes that should lead to optimal output will not work if you do not have their buy-in due to negative morale. Boost engagement and productivity by recognizing your employees’ effort after they do great work. This will make them feel valued and appreciated, and in turn, more intrinsically motivated to go above and beyond.

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