Once you have applied for a job and intrigued the hiring manager enough to invite you for an interview, it is up to you to make the best impression possible. The key to a great interview is fully in your control by being prepared. Putting in the effort upfront will allow you to focus on communicating your qualifications and demonstrating your professionalism and personality. Properly prepare for a job interview with these steps:

1.    Select Your Attire

How you look is very important in how hiring managers perceive you, so ensure your appearance is polished and professional. Select your interview outfit ahead of time – simple and classic is best. Take time to clean and press it so you can come across as well groomed.

2.    Rehearse Your Introduction

Another key factor in forming hiring managers’ first impressions of you is how you introduce yourself. Practice until it becomes natural – introduce yourself with a confident tone, make eye contact, smile, and give a firm handshake.

3.    Develop Key Talking Points

Hiring managers will generally be most impressed by your accomplishments, rather than just hearing about your responsibilities. Develop the key talking points you want to convey during the interview – by doing so prior to the interview, you will be able to include them in your responses.

4.    Prepare Responses to Likely Questions

There are standard interview questions that you will be asked. Prepare responses to these likely questions so that, even if nerves strike, you will still be able to represent yourself effectively since they will be ingrained in your mind.

5.    Study the Company

Do some research on the company so you can understand what they do, what they stand for, and their overall needs in order to customize your interview responses. Look at their website, social media, and press releases to get a sense of your prospective employer.

6.    Brainstorm Questions to Ask

When the tables turn and the hiring manager asks you if you have questions, it is essential that you are ready with something to ask to show that you are invested in the opportunity. Prevent drawing a blank during the interview and brainstorm questions to ask beforehand.

7.    Get into the Right Mindset

Some nerves are to be expected, but if you are unable to demonstrate self-confidence during the interview, it could ruin your chances, even if you are truly qualified. Hiring managers may not feel confident in your skills and expertise if you do not seem like you are either. Get into the right mindset as part of your preparation, remind yourself of your skills and positive traits, and that the interview is just a conversation that you are fully equipped to handle.

8.    Arrive Early

Being late to the interview can start it off on a negative note that can be difficult to overcome. Avoid being frazzled and having the hiring managers question your professionalism by taking precautions to be punctual. Find out the exact location, get directions and leave yourself an extra buffer of time to account for traffic or other issues. It is better to be way too early and wait outside than to risk being late.

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