The pressure is on when you start a new job since it is the time to prove to your employer they made the right decision in hiring you. Getting feedback is crucial to understanding if you are meeting expectations and feeling more confident that your manager is satisfied with your performance. However, the manner in which you bring up the subject with your boss can influence how helpful the information is and how they will perceive you. Learn more about the best practices for asking for feedback at a new job:

How to ask?

Request a meeting

Getting the most thoughtful, relevant feedback from your new manager is not something that can happen in an off-handed conversation. Instead, request a meeting with your boss. Ask if you two could set up a time to talk about how you are performing. This is mutually beneficial; you can have their undivided attention, and they will have time to prepare more detailed, helpful feedback.

Have a specific agenda or questions to ask

Take ownership in the conversation if your goal is to get feedback that gives you a clear sense of direction on your strengths and what may need work. Do not go into the meeting expecting your boss to do all of the talking. Be proactive by having a specific agenda prepared or questions you want to ask. Examples include asking how they felt a specific project went or if there are skills they would like to continue to work on and sharpen.

When to ask?

When you have tackled a project or major task

Your new manager cannot truly provide feedback until you have taken on and completed meaningful work, such as a project or major task. If you are still in the initial training period, there is not much they can tell you because they simply do not have enough evidence yet. Plus, if you ask too soon or too often, you can come across as needy and unprofessional.

After you have implemented feedback

Whenever your boss does give you any type of feedback, you can revisit the topic later after you have had a chance to implement the feedback and demonstrate prolific change and improvement. You can then discuss your performance and if you are headed in the right direction after taking their initial feedback into consideration.

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