Treating your employees well does not just make for positive morale, it is good for business. As a manager, with every interaction you have with your employees, you hold significant power in shaping the level of output from your team. Employees who feel valued are more engaged, and thus more likely to proactively push themselves from “satisfactory” to “top performer.” Learn more about why you need to make sure your employees feel valued with this advice.

Opens Up Communication

Your employees are your best source of feedback about what is working and what is not, as well as innovative new ideas that could take the organization to the next level. When they feel valued, they are more inclined to feel personally invested in the company’s success, and therefore, more likely to communicate openly for its benefit. On the other hand, employees who feel unappreciated will tend to vent amongst themselves and not care enough about more than the bare minimum.

Improves Performance

Productivity is often closely tied to how valued employees feel by their employer. If they feel like their contributions are not noticed or deemed particularly important, they understandably may lack the desire to go above and beyond. Every employee’s work, at all levels, is vital to making the organization run smoothly, so if you acknowledge that, they will want to work harder.

Increases Retention

Replacing employees is costly, in terms of money, time, productivity and morale. Taking the time to let your employees know how much you value them can increase retention rates because it makes them feel they are important members of a team, so they end up being more committed to the company for the long term.

Encourages Development

Employees who feel taken for granted may have difficulty mustering up the drive to want to apply themselves for professional development. Recognizing employees when they do great work can provide positive reinforcement that makes them want to continue to grow and learn more skills, so they can continue to be an asset to someone who truly values them.

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