Working with an employment agency has many benefits; you gain access to job postings that are not advertised elsewhere, learn valuable insight from recruiters on how to land jobs, and save time and effort of doing it on your own. Although there is potentially a lot of help you can gain, it is up to you to take full advantage of the opportunity. Check out these tips to learn about getting the most out of working with an employment agency.

Take the Opportunity Seriously

An employment agency should be treated with the same level of professionalism as you would exhibit if you were directly hired by an employer. If you want to continue being top of mind for great placements, take the opportunity seriously. Showcase the professional employee you would be throughout your interactions, from emails to interviews, so they feel confident recommending you.

Act on Constructive Feedback

Job hunting is often so shrouded in mystery – if you do not hear back from a job you are seemingly totally qualified for or land an interview that went well from your perspective, only to be rejected, you will not likely ever get any answers as to why. The major benefit of working with an employment agency is they have firsthand knowledge of what employers are looking for, so if they give you constructive feedback, act on it or risk losing out on opportunities.

Communicate Openly

When you are talking with a specialist from an employment agency, it is important to communicate openly. They cannot properly match you with positions if you are not honest with them. Be clear on your strengths, weaknesses, preferences and overall goals so they can help make the optimal fit; a lack of transparency or simply saying what you think they want to hear will backfire when neither party winds up satisfied. Ask questions, follow up on potential assignments, and give them status updates to continue building a professional relationship and be top of mind when new opportunities arise.

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