If you are looking for work, temporary employment can be a plentiful source of leads. Each year, staffing companies hire approximately 17 million employees for short term work, according to the American Staffing Association. The sheer quantity of available jobs is not the only perk of temporary employment,  it can also set you up for long term success. Check out the following ways a temporary job can benefit your career. 

Gets Your Foot in the Door

Taking on a temporary job can be an effective way to land a permanent role with a company in the longer term, because it gets your foot in the door and shows the employer what a valuable worker you would be. In fact, the American Staffing Association found that 35 percent of temporary employees have been offered a permanent job for a place at which they had previously had a temporary role.

Provides Networking Opportunities

One of the best sources of job leads is hearing about them through people you know. Temporary employment gives you the opportunity to network and meet more professional contacts through each workplace at which you take on assignments. You never know when previous managers or co-workers from your temp work will think of you when they have openings.

Expands Skill Sets

Working temporary assignments is an optimal way to expand your skill set. Nine of ten temporary employees reported that temp work made it easier for them to find future employment, according to the American Staffing Association. Each temp job you take is a chance for you to gain experience in different procedures, tasks, software, etc.

Prevents Resume Gaps

If you are in-between jobs, temporary employment can help keep you in the workforce as you job search for something more permanent. Preventing gaps in your resume can make you more appealing to hiring managers, since an extended absence from working can be seen as a potential red flag.

Offers Flexibility

Depending on your personal situation, you may not have time for full-time employment, but still want to build your work history or maintain recent job experience. Temporary employment offers the flexibility of working short-term assignments that fit your needs without commitment.

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