Job searching is a time-consuming task, which makes it frustrating when the effort does not pay off. You may feel like you have all of the qualifications for the job, only to never hear back. While you cannot be sure of specific reasons, there are common mistakes job seekers make that can make hiring managers reject their applications. Here’s what to do if you are not getting called for job interviews.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

You may have some red flags online that may be making hiring managers turn you down. Perform a quick online search of your name to see what public information about you shows up. If it is anything that does not showcase your best qualities to potential hiring managers, delete or hide it. That includes anything argumentative, negative or otherwise inappropriate. Clean up any parts of your online presence that do not portray the professional image you would have at work, if hired.

Follow Directions Carefully

Job postings often include specific directions on how to apply, such as particular documents they want attached or subject lines to use, for example. If you fail to follow the directions carefully, it may be an automatic rejection for many hiring managers. Even if it is a seemingly small, inconsequential instruction to you, to them, it signals a lack of attention to detail or respect for the requests.

Tailor Your Materials

Submitting the same resume and cover letter may save you time, but hiring managers tend to pass over application materials that are generic. Not taking the time to tailor your materials, such as rearranging your resume bullet points so your most relevant experience and skills for the job are up top, or not mentioning any company details in your cover letter, does not show why you are an optimal fit for the particular role.

Use the Right Wording

Applications are often filtered through applicant tracking systems (ATS), or software that processes them to calculate the likelihood of a qualified match. Even if your resume is seen by human eyes first, they still tend to very quickly glance at it to get a sense of how well you fit what they need for the role. Review the job description carefully before applying to ensure you are using the same wording in your application/resume so both software algorithms and hiring managers’ eyes can immediately realize you meet the requirements.

Double-Check Your Resume

The reason you are not getting called for job interviews could be something as simple as your resume being in the incorrect format or not rendering correctly. Double-check your resume before sending to hiring managers to make sure it looks how it is supposed to. For example, email it to yourself and open it in multiple programs and on multiple devices.

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