When your main goal is to find a stable, long-term job, it may seem like the best use of your effort is to focus solely on job searching; however, taking on temporary employment can actually make your overall job search more successful than remaining out of the workforce until you land your ideal opportunity. Check out the advantages of applying for a temp job during your job search.

  • Financial Stability

Having a paycheck coming in from temporary work while you are searching for a job searching can reduce your stress over financial matters in the interim. Maintaining financial stability puts you in a better position to make more intentional decisions about what job offers to accept, rather than accepting a permanent job out of desperation.

  • Routine and Motivation

In theory, if you are not working, you have all the time in the world to devote to job searching – however, this often is not the case. It can be all too easy to fall prey to procrastination and other distractions that prevent you from focusing on the tasks you need to do for your job search. Working a temp job can help you maintain a consistent routine and in turn, keep up your motivation levels.

  • Self-Confidence

Being out of the workforce can take its toll on your self-confidence after a while, especially if you are dealing with rejections or simply not being contacted at all. By maintaining temporary employment, you will feel better about yourself since you know you are providing value to an employer, even if it is for a shorter duration.

  • Explore Options

Whether you are a recent grad, switching careers, or simply do not know what you want to pursue job-wise, working a temp job can give you the chance to explore your options without commitment. You will be able to find out what you prefer or dislike in a work environment or job role and hone your job search strategy accordingly.

  • Networking Opportunities

Many jobs are filled via personal referrals, so the more people you can get to know in a professional setting, the better! Temporary employment allows you opportunities for networking and gaining more contacts. You never know when you will impress a previous manager or colleague, who could reach out in the future with job leads.

  • Boosts Your Resume

If you do not have an extensive work history, a temp job can boost your resume and make you more competitive in your job search, since you will have recent and relevant experience. In addition, if your resume has significant gaps between jobs, hiring managers could see that as a possible red flag. Temp work can demonstrate that you are a hard worker whose skills are still fresh and in-demand.

  • Expand Skills

Even if the temp jobs you take are similar or align with your previous work history or education, each job and workplace likely have its own unique requirements. Each assignment is an opportunity to expand your skills, such as using different software or taking on additional small tasks you have not done in the past, which can then make you more qualified for future jobs. 

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