A staffing agency provides employment services to companies who need assistance in finding the right candidates for their job openings. As a job seeker, turning to a staffing agency can improve your job search and reduce the time and effort you spend on it. The specialists will connect you with the jobs that are the right match for their clients, making it a mutually beneficial situation.

Check out these facts you might not know about working with a staffing agency.

  • They Are Not Just for Temp Jobs

If you are interested in temporary employment, working with a staffing agency can certainly help – but they also offer so much more. Staffing agencies can help you find longer-term contract positions, temp-to-hire, and permanent full-time roles.

  • They Work with Top Employers

In order to save time and money, many top employers opt to use staffing agencies to find candidates to fill their openings. By working with a staffing agency for your job search, you can get your application in front of in-demand employers who do not otherwise advertise their openings.

  • They Fill Jobs Across Nearly All Industries and Levels

While staffing agencies are often known for filling entry level, general positions, that is far from all they do. Many agencies have specialists that focus on filling niche, industry-specific jobs. Along with working with a variety of industries, staffing agencies work with employers to find candidates for roles at all levels, from entry level to executives.

  • They Handle Some of the Tedious Parts of Job Searching

Job searching is time-consuming, from having to hunt down leads, verify if they are legitimate, research the company, and then finally completing the application process. Since staffing agencies have close professional relationships with the employers they serve, you do not have to perform so much of the tedious work to ensure the jobs are not scams or terrible work environments. Even better, if there are jobs that you are qualified for, they can reach out to you directly without you having to look for the leads yourself.

  • It is Free of Charge to You

It may seem too good to be true, that staffing agencies would take the time to match you with a job that fits your needs, without requiring payment from you. However, staffing agencies are paid by employers to fill their positions. As a job seeker, working with a staffing agency is a win-win – they have ready access to a qualified candidate for their employer clients and you can get assistance in finding a job.

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